Bolts BS4183 Countersunk Cross Recessed Flat

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Bolt Size

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M2.5 View 01

M2.5 View 02

M2.5 View 03

M3 View 01

M3 View 02

M3 View 03

M3.5 View 01

M3.5 View 02

M3.5 View 03

M4 View 01

M4 View 02

M4 View 03

M4.5 View 01

M4.5 View 02

M4.5 View 03

M5 View 01

M5 View 02

M5 View 03

M6 View 01

M6 View 02

M6 View 03

M8 View 01

M8 View 02

M8 View 03

M10 View 01

M10 View 02

M10 View 03

M12 View 01

M12 View 02

M12 View 03