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Welcome to – your number one CAD data resource for all steel sections described by document "Steelwork Design Guide to BS 5950-1: 2000, Volume 1, Section Properties, Member Capacities, 7th Edition" (Also known as 'The Blue Book'). With over 5000 visitors and 12,000 page views a month - is truly an invaluable resource - relied upon by construction industry professionals throughout the United Kingdom.
We recognised the need for this resource following many years in the structural & civil industry ourselves. Instant access to CAD data for all the "Blue Book" steel sections is all about improving workflow efficiency. Deliver more for less and actually improve quality along the way - a work ethic we value highly ourselves and one certainly shared by all successful companies.

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Universal Columns, Universal Beams, Universal Bearing Piles, Joists, Parallel Flange Channels and Structural T's to BS4: Part 1 ; Hot Finished Circular Hollow Sections, Square Hollow Sections, Rectangular Hollow Sections to BS 4848: Part 2 ; Equal Angles and Unequal Angles to BS EN 10056-1 etc.

All our CAD blocks were created in the AutoCAD 2000 environment and are free from unnecessary layers, text styles, or anything else. Download the file you need, unzip and simply drag-and-drop into your AutoCAD drawing!   Welcome again to - send your comments / queries to